The C-W Parent Co-op Preschool is a caring community for young children and families. We offer a flexible program which includes free time for classroom exploration, music activities, story time, small group work, cooking projects, nature observation and exploration, crafts and open-ended art, as well as field trip experiences.

Our goal is to provide a positive introductory learning experience for 2, 3, and 4 year old children to prepare for their elementary education. This is accomplished through a cooperative effort between teachers and parents.

We help prepare children for school by nurturing social, emotional and academic skills development. We help them learn the importance of being a good listener, how to interact positively with peers and adults, how to be self-organized, and to discover the joy of learning.

We teach developmentally appropriate curriculums to the 2’s and 3’s classes, providing them with lots of hands-on experiences. We teach a pre-kindergarten curriculum in our 4’s classes. The curriculum is theme-based and developmentally appropriate, providing students with a solid foundation in letter/sound recognition, numbers/patterns/math games, beginning science concepts, and fine motor skills such as cutting, gluing, and name writing.