Tuition Payment Options

Tuition will be paid to the Treasurer three times during the school year (i.e. per trimester). Payment must be made on or before the due date. Invoices will be emailed prior to the due date.

If you have any questions regarding tuition payment or other financial needs, please contact the Treasurer.

Check or Cash

Place payments in the lockbox located in your student’s classroom on or before the tuition due date.

Please include your child’s name on the check.

Any cash payments should in a sealed envelope and labeled with your child’s name.

Pay Online

Pay your tuition online.

Note: All online payments are adjusted to cover the processing fees associated with online payments. Check the additional information section for an itemized breakdown when making online payments.

Multiple Student Enrollments

Families having two children enrolled at the same time will get 10% off the lower of the two tuitions. Families having three or more children will get 10% off each additional child's tuition after the first full tuition. In this case, the discount will apply to the lowest tuition amounts.