2’s Curriculum

The curriculum for the two year old classroom has been carefully designed to allow young children the opportunity to learn through play. We strive to recognize and enhance the individual talents and interests of our youngest students. We have created a safe and loving environment which allows children to grow socially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically while encouraging self-confidence and self-expression. The curriculum is presented to children thematically and is based on the seasonal changes. Classroom materials, songs, games, stories and activities revolve around the particular theme of the day. Since two year olds are full of energy and curiosity, we will follow a consistent daily schedule which will allow them to learn important skills such as following directions, cleaning up after themselves, and keeping themselves safe and healthy.

Children in this class will be exposed to many opportunities to foster creativity, language development, color and shape recognition, science and number concepts, fine and gross motor development and music appreciation. We will set gentle limits that lead to self-discipline and self-acceptance. Children will potty train at their own pace and will be praised and encouraged consistently.


3’s Curriculum

The Co-op offers a wonderful opportunity for three-year-old children to obtain their first school experience. Three year olds are growing more independent and are ready to explore the world around them. They are making developmental strides and learn by experiencing and doing. They want to touch, taste, hear, smell, and test things for themselves. Children at this age are beginning to learn to share, enjoy interacting with other children, and possess active imaginations.

Our program provides children with a variety of age-appropriate activities that address the developmental needs of growing preschoolers. This comprises children’s social/emotional, physical, and intellectual development. Students are introduced to a classroom routine that gives them opportunities for free exploration, circle time, music, small group work, and active play. The curriculum is presented to children thematically and is based on the seasonal changes that children can recognize in the world around them. It includes introduction to letter recognition and sounds, number concepts, and science concepts. Since every child develops at her/his own pace, instruction is adapted for each child’s level. Students advance their fine motor skills through manipulative play, cutting, coloring, painting, working with play dough, cooking, drawing, and other creative pursuits.

Children become part of a nurturing environment that promotes community and individual responsibility. Classroom discipline is handled by redirection, making choices, and natural consequences.


4’s Curriculum

The 4s class prepares children for Kindergarten, both socially and academically. Through literature, social studies, music and science they learn about life and people outside our community. They will build their fine-motor skills while learning to write, cut and complete various projects. The students will learn numbers and begin doing basic addition by the end of the school year. Each week students study a new consonant by writing practices, learning its sound, and doing a project about each letter.

The class participates in circle time twice a day where they learn to listen and take turns talking or sharing. Each child will have a turn to be the class helper throughout the school year. The class performs special shows for the families throughout the school year.

The school rents buses from the Camas School District for field trips, allowing the children to experience riding the school bus, as well as participating in educational and exciting adventures with their friends.